Course Catalog — Industrial/General

Subjects Course Certifications Duration Price
Accident Investigation 3 days $825
Advanced RSO AAHP ABIH WSO-CSS 5 days $1895
Auditing and Assessing Radiation Safety Programs 3 days $1295
Development of Radiation Protection Program Improvement Plan ABIH 4 days $1580
Environmental Health & Safety Workshop  for Radiation Protection Professionals 5 days $1895
Facilities Hazards Assessments and Analysis 4 days $1195
Final Status Survey 2 days $795
Health and Safety "University" for Construction 10 hours Varies
Health and Safety "University" for General Industry 10 hours Varies
How to Avoid Radiation Litigation AAHP ABIH 2 days $795
How to Deal with the Nuclear Terrorism AAHP ABIH 3 days $1095
Industrial Hygiene Fundamentals for Non-Industrial Hygienists ABIH 5 days $1495
Industrial Radiographer Refresher Training (Radioactive Material and X-ray) 8 hours $395
Industrial Radiographer Training 5 days $1995
Laser Safety 8 hours $395
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) WSO-CSS 3 days $1095
NFPA 101® Life Safety Code 5 days $1495
Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Safety ABIH 3 days $1295
NORM - Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) 5 days $1995
Process Safety Management/Risk Management Planning 4 days $1195
Radiation Protection Fundamentals for Policy Makers AAHP ABIH Varies $1580
Radiation Regulations, Licensing, Inspections and Compliance AAHP WSO-CSS ABIH 3 days $1095
Radiation Safety and Homeland Security Workshop Varies Varies
Radiation Safety for Authorized User & Supervisors (RSAU) AAHP WSO-CSS ABIH 3 days $1095
Radiation Safety for Homeland Security & Emergency Responders AAHP ABIH 2 days $795
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) AAHP WSO-CSS ABIH 40 hours $1995
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Refresher Training Varies Varies
Radiation Safety Program Management AAHP ABIH 5 days $1895
Site Characterization, Decontamination, and Decommissioning AAHP WSO-CSS ABIH 5 days $1895
Training First Responders on RDDs and INDs: A Challenge for Health Physicists and Emergency Managers 2 days $795

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