Course Title:

NORM - Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

Course duration:

5 days



Course Summary:

Through lectures, exercises, and extensive reference materials, this course prepares people who have to deal with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in places such as water and waste treatment facilities, sites which handle oil or gas related equipment, sludges, and wastewater, natural gas and propane processing facilities, ore-processing sites, and disposal and recycling facilities to fill the radiation safety officer role. Completion of the course will attain compliance with the training requirements of the State agencies responsible for regulating NORM.

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We have offered RSO training for over 20 years, having qualified thousands of persons to qualify as Radiation Safety Officers at licensees of all types, including those impacted by NORM.  Recognizing the unique challenges faced by health and safety professionals posed by NORM in certain industries, this course combines NORM-specific information with many essential topics which combine to comprise the issues confronting RSOs.  The course agenda lays down a solid foundation through coverage of radiation and NORM fundamentals, regulations, NORM detection, measurement, and data interpretation, transportation and disposal of NORM, radioactive material licensing, and elements of radiation safety programs specifically related to NORM facilities and licensees.  We provide the technical information and practical experience to ensure that you are well prepared to serve as an RSO or to contribute to your organization’s radiation safety/NORM control program as a field supervisor or safety technician.

Following completion of the course, you will possess the tools necessary to implement a radiation safety program commensurate with the needs of your organization. You will be able to develop appropriate radiation safety procedures, generate the records necessary to document compliance with license conditions and regulations, and supervise colleagues who work in areas impacted by NORM.

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