Course Title:

Medical Radiation Safety Officer (MRSO)

Course duration:

5 days



Course Summary:

The use of radioactive materials in the medical field is continually evolving. To help keep you current with new techniques and procedures, the Academy offers the Medical Radiation Safety Officer (MRSO) course for those managing or working with radioactive material in a medical environment. We offer this course regularly with free one-time refresher training for all former MRSO students.

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 This course will help keep you current with the radiation safety aspects of the many new techniques related to using ionizing radiation in the continually evolving medical field.

Gain a practical understanding of  regulations governing the safe use of radiation-emitting machines and radioactive materials, as well as responsibilities for managing radiation safety in a hospital. Discuss real-world experiences on numerous relevant topics as outlined in the Agenda.

Learn how to implement a successful, compliant radiation safety program that will withstand rigorous inspection.

Did you Know....? Due to the widespread use of radiation-producing machines and radioactive materials in medicine, the National Council on Radiation Protection and measurements now reports that the average person in the U.S. receives approximately the same dose from medical radiation as from natural background radiation.


Those managing a radiation safety program or working with radioactive material and/or radiation-producing machines in a medical environment.

This course is intended for those working with both radioactive materials and X-ray producing equipment. If you are interested in learning primarly about X-ray safety, please see our Medical X-ray Safety class.