Work Description

To help ensure worker safety during remediation of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site’s 300-Area, which was home to the site’s former fuel manufacturing operations, Dade Moeller, an NV5 Company,* provided both full-time and staff augmentation IH and safety support on several high-visibility projects and Area-wide initiatives:

Buildings 321 and 3706
  • Supported safe removal and transportation of approximately 12,600 tons of contaminated material from the area around these already-demolished buildings, resulting in excavations as far down to ground water (approximately 50' depth) for the 321 building
Building 340
  • Supported safe removal of more than 102,000 tons of contaminated soil
  • Ensured worker safety & health during the 24-month process to remove the building’s 1,153-ton vault
  • Developed and monitored for compliance of fall protection work plans for final preparation of the vault for removal
  • Designed and set up alternate guard rail system for the activities on the top of the vault
  • Performed isocyanate monitoring during spraying of over 3,000 square feet of protective coating
Building 309/Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor
  • Ensured worker safety during site preparation, including disconnection of reactor piping along with cutting and removal of concrete
  • Provided site safety officer support to the critical lift of the highly contaminated manipulator arm (removed fuel elements for remote inspection)
  • Performed industrial hygiene monitoring and site safety support during the technically challenging, intact removal and lift of the 1,082-ton reactor
  • Conducted silica, asbestos, and metals sampling at the perimeter during explosive detonation of remaining subterranean structures
  • Ensured worker safety and health during the removal of the remaining foundation that resulted in the removal of more than 142,000 tons of contaminated soil and debris
Building 327
  • Performed IH and site safety support to complete the foundation (below grade) demolition and removal of the associated contaminated soils
Building 308 Test Reactor
  • Performed IH and site safety support to remove the test reactor as a single monolith move of more than 500 tons
Field Remediation
  • Performed IH and safety support during removal of soil and piping associated with the  contaminated process sewer lines (approximately 800 meters of the Radioactive Liquid Waste System (RLWS) and the Retired RWLS (RRLWS) lines, and 1500 meters of the 300-15 process sewer lines; in total approximately 150,000 tons of soil and debris were removed)
Beryllium Control
  • Developed beryllium controls
  • Wrote beryllium work permits (BWPs), beryllium facility assessments, waste site verification sampling plans, and facility sampling plans for characterization and verification
  • Performed bulk, air, and wipe sampling for beryllium
  • Implemented all aspects of the DOE Hanford Site-wide Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Plan (CBDPP)
Asbestos Abatement
  • Conducted personal, area, and clearance samples to ensure workers and environment were kept safe, and the engineering controls were functioning properly
Environmental Sampling
  • Conducted sampling of soils and debris for analysis and comparison to cleanup criteria, ensuring sufficient materials had been removed and environmentally safe for future planned use of the area
Records Management
  • Met rigorous standards for safety and health documentation following client's hard copy process
  • Developed interim documentation process during client change out until new client's online process could be utilized
  • Provided administrative support to input backlog of data into the online system for client. This included not only the remediation efforts but also the continued operation of the 324 building to keep it in a safe configuration in preparation for final disposition
  • Provided on-site training for required OSHA training (e.g., hearing conservation)
  • Presented daily safety topics at the general meeting relevant to the task or environmental conditions for that day

*Dade Moeller joined NV5 in May 2016 to integrate Dade Moeller’s safety & health, radiation protection, and environmental quality capabilities with NV5’s engineering, infrastructure, and program management resources. Our combined capabilities bring effective solutions to complex issues. Learn more.