NORM/TENORM Radiation Safety Training at Marcellus Shale Coalition

March 13, 2017

Pennsylvania Oil and Gas

On March 2, NV5/Dade Moeller Senior Health Physicist Dr. Alan Fellman provided NORM/TENORM Radiation Safety training for the Marcellus Shale Coalition in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (flier here). This is the second time Alan has been invited to provide NORM/TENORM training to the Coalition.

The session was well received, with about 160 people in attendance. The topic of highest interest and focus was the new Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulation (Chapter 78a.58(d)) requiring natural gas processors to develop a Radiation Action Plan document.

Here is a link to Alan's training slides.

If your organization has questions about this or a similar regulation, or if you need assistance with your Radiation Action Plan, please feel free to contact us here.   

Alan's Upcoming NORM/TENORM Training Classes

If you were not able to attend the MSC training this month, Alan will be providing two NORM/TENORM training classes later this year:

We hope to see you there!