Employee Profile: Bill Stanley

July 10, 2013

[caption id="attachment_1377" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Bill Stanley with wife Gale (on left) with friends on a back-country pack trip at Yellowstone National Park in Montana."][/caption]

Meet C.W. "Bill" Stanley! Bill has been with Dade Moeller since December 2011 and works at our Oak Ridge, Tennessee, office. He devotes 100% of his time to establishing new work opportunities for us as our Environmental Services Business Development Manager.

[caption id="attachment_1381" align="alignright" width="300" caption="During Hurricane Katrina recovery, Bill (right) leads a sampling event in St. Bernard Parish for air sampling of suspect hydrogen chloride plume from a debris fire."]Bill Stanley air sampling after Hurricane Katrina[/caption]

Tell us a little about your life before Dade Moeller.

I started my career as a co-op student while completing my geology degree and proceeded to work in the coal mining industry in the Southern Appalachians. Many of the requirements of that industry are the technical and regulatory precursors to the safety and environmental regulations of today. So, as the environmental industry started to grow, it was a natural progression for me. I then led environmental field work projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory followed by taking that experience to lead hydrogeologic oversight for Defense facilities throughout the United States. These technical experiences included the opportunity to work closely with the procurement organizations and with the best environmental and service corporations in the industry, both large and small. I realized that I really enjoyed the business strategy and relationship building aspects of this market sector. This caused me to start working with small businesses to win new work and develop strategic relationships, and it grew into what I do now. In my "real life," I have been blessed to be able to remain close to my family while working throughout the world, by maintaining my home base here in Tennessee.

What do you think is unique about Dade Moeller?

When I talk about Dade Moeller, I describe it as "two hundred really smart people, and me." I've been part of this organization for 19 months and continue to be amazed with the experience, capabilities, and expertise we have.

What is your typical day like at work?

I manage change every day. Business Development priorities change daily, within the bounds of our overall strategy. On some days, it's proposal development, on others it's strategic development and relationship building.

What thrills you most about your work?

The scenery changes every day.

What would you change about your work, if you could?

Not a lot. I literally laugh coming to work most days. If I were to change anything, the office would be closer to home.

What's one thing your close friends know about you that your co-workers might not?

[caption id="attachment_1389" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Bill in the Bristlecone Pine Forest (California/Nevada border), posing next to one of the oldest trees in the world -- 4,000 years old. Bill and Gale had gone to the Forest to collect pine cones for science education kits for classrooms in Tennessee."][/caption] STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] education is something I believe is very important to the future of the United States. We do not have enough scientists and engineers to maintain our competitive edge in a global economy. My wife is the STEM Coordinator for our county school system, and we spend a good amount of our spare time writing grant applications for the system, combining her technical knowledge in education with my knowledge of the proposal development process. To date, we have helped to bring in more than $2M to the system.

If you had a free ticket anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Prague. They hold a celebration there every five years for WWII veterans. My father was there on VE day, and I would love to take him to the event.

What's your personal motto or favorite quote?

"You'll recognize adulthood when you notice yourself reacting to life's challenges with compassion more often than with anger." Unknown, but I like it.