2014 DOE Small Business Forum

June 7, 2014

Matt Moeller

This week (June 10-12), we will be in Tampa, Florida, for the 13th Annual U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Forum and Expo. On Thursday, our CEO, Matt Moeller, will be a speaker during the breakout session, "Business Sense: To Bid or Not...That Is the Question."

Below is the content of his slides:

Protect Your Niche & Corporate Culture

  1. Define your expertise, nurture discriminators, become best in class
  2. Protect market share, manage growth, protect staff, stay within compatible markets
  • Be attentive when you are most busy; be mindful when not – it's counter intuitive (Don’t panic, don’t overreach, desperation doesn’t make for good decisions)
  • Even minor solicitations can be impactful if maintaining market share
  • Don't let outside factors adversely influence your niche or corporate culture
  • With the right corporate culture your staff will do anything for the company
  • Some solicitations can dramatically impact the corporate culture of a company
  • Manage growth when small business size standards are critical to competitiveness

Know the Solicitation

  1. Before it is out
  2. Beyond the words
  • Never bid a (significant) solicitation if you have not worked it before it is issued
  • Understanding beyond the obvious – anticipate the project priorities and needs several moves in advance
  • Know the vision – words are not enough to describe the Eiffel Tower – imagine reading the scope of work!
  • The financial investment on most proposals is underestimated
  • Just being on a team is not good enough
  • Larger companies have an advantage of bench strength; smaller ones of niche and nimbleness

Understand the Needs and Expectations of the Client

  • Know the scope and scale; barriers and impediments
  • Know the drivers; client hot buttons; key to success – get off the beach!
  • The best BD managers have technical backgrounds
  • The importance of technical approach is underestimated
  • The importance of the project manager is underestimated
  • Clients claim to want change; change creates risks; clients are typically risk averse, which limits change

Avoid Pricing Temptations

  • Don’t regret a win; faulty pricing adversely impacts credibility, morale, and corporate culture
  • Find real cost savings and provide a basis; cost considerations often dictate award
  • Target solicitations that fit your business model and your established indirect rate structure
  • Respect realistic pricing; ignorance is no excuse
  • Apply your understanding of the scope and scale to price; establish best-value discriminators
  • Desperation drives bogus costs; reject unrealistic (internal pricing) and cost proposals (Be careful what you wish for when pricing)

Matt Moeller Bio

Matt Moeller is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Dade Moeller, a company specializing in the occupational and environmental sciences. Named to honor his father, the award-winning company has provided radiation protection support within the DOE complex since the firm's founding 20 years ago. Under Matt's leadership, Dade Moeller has grown from 4 employees and 1 contract in 1994 to more than 160 employees and 150 contracts today, serving domestic and international government and commercial clients. Matt's genuine integrity, technical expertise, and attentive people skills have helped establish Dade Moeller as a leader in fields beyond radiation protection, including industrial hygiene, environmental protection, occupational safety, laboratory consulting, and training. A Certified Health Physicist, Matt earned his Master's degree in Environmental Health Sciences from Harvard University's School of Public Health and his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Cornell University. He has more than 35 years of experience as a safety professional and serves on numerous corporate, charitable, and professional boards and committees, including those for the Health Physics Society, Illinois Institute of Technology, the local United Way, and the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin County. He lives in Richland, Washington.