Dade Moeller and EnergX Partner to Expand Reach of
 Worker Safety Training

Nov. 29, 2011

RICHLAND, Wash. – U.S. Department of Energy contractors Dade Moeller and EnergX announce their new partnership, aimed at meeting the demand for high-quality industrial hygiene and occupational safety training across the country. The collaboration promotes seven courses offered at shared facilities in Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Gaithersburg, Md.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Richland, Wash.

The forward-thinking partnership arose from a mutual respect for each other’s expertise, experience, and reputation, as well as a shared commitment to excellence. By pooling their faculty, facilities, and marketing resources, Dade Moeller and EnergX can expand their client bases while keeping costs to students low.

“Partnering with EnergX makes good business sense,” said Dade Moeller President David McCormack. “EnergX is well respected in Oak Ridge, where we currently are expanding, as well as here locally at Hanford, and, by working together, we will positively impact each other’s breadth and depth.”

“By leveraging Dade Moeller’s solid reputation, we will reach new customers with our well-honed worker safety courses,” said EnergX President and CEO Anthony Buhl. “We are pleased to partner with a company that shares our vision for ensuring capable, qualified, safety-minded workforces.”

Detailed in the Dade Moeller Training Academy’s 2012 Course Catalog, mailed this month to more than 27,000 recipients, Dade Moeller and EnergX offer jointly the following training courses in 2012:

  • Industrial Hygiene Fundamentals for Non-Industrial Hygienists: For safety, health, and environmental professionals or managers with Industrial Hygiene responsibilities but limited training or experience. (May 14–18 Richland; September 17–21 Las Vegas)
  • Accident Investigation: For those responsible for conducting investigations of workplace accidents and events. (March 26–28 Oak Ridge; May 14–16 Las Vegas; June 4–6 Richland; August 6–8 Gaithersburg)
  • Process Safety Management/Risk Management Planning: For safety, maintenance, operations, and environmental professionals who have a system regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management Rule or the Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Programs Rule. (September 10–13 Richland; November 12–15 Las Vegas)
  • Construction Safety University: For those seeking the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Card. (March 13–16 Las Vegas; April 17–20 Oak Ridge; August 21–24 Gaithersburg; October 16–19 Richland)
  • General Industry Safety University: For those seeking the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Card. (March 19–22 Las Vegas; April 23–26 Oak Ridge; August 27–30 Gaithersburg; October 22–25 Richland)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101® Occupancies: For those charged with reviewing their facility’s compliance with the NFPA Life Safety Code, and/or evaluating new facilities or uses of current space. (February 27–March 2 Las Vegas; July 30–August 3 Richland)
  • Facilities Hazards Assessments and Analysis: For safety, maintenance, operations, and environmental professionals and supervisors with responsibility for the identification and mitigation of hazards at their work sites. (March 12–15 Richland; November 5–8 Las Vegas)

In addition to these seven mutually-promoted courses, the Dade Moeller Training Academy and EnergX each will continue to offer its regularly-scheduled classroom training, web-based training, and customized training courses, as detailed on their respective websites at and

About Dade Moeller

Dade Moeller is a nationally recognized firm providing professional and technical services to federal, state, and commercial clients in support of nuclear, radiological, and environmental operations. Its Dade Moeller Training Academy formerly was known as the Radiation Safety Academy, but, with the 2012 addition of its new worker safety courses, Dade Moeller changed the name of its training division to reflect this diversification. The Dade Moeller Training Academy has trained more than 11,200 people. Learn more at

About EnergX

EnergX is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business safely providing technical and professional expertise in support of some of the most hazardous cleanup projects in the environmental and commercial nuclear industry. EnergX has provided training for all workers at the Transuranic Waste Processing Center in Oak Ridge, a Hazard Category 2 Nuclear Facility, and  has provided training to more than 100,000 workers at DOE’s  Hanford site since 1999. Learn more at


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